Katakolon Port

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Your gateway to ancient Olympia and coincidentally, the flame and founding place of the Olympic Games, the recently modernized port at Katakolon is a pleasant way to begin a quiet and majestic tour of this seaside town in western Pyrgos.
It is a very small place with not very many inhabitants, but the increasing amount of visitors here will tell you that if a quiet holiday in one of ancient Greece's most important destinations is what you want, this is the place to find it.

How to Get to Katakolon

Located at the western edge of Greece's Peloponnese Peninsula, there are a ton of cruise options from within Greece for getting into Katakolon. Because the port is actually one of the few physically able to house certain types of ships, don't be surprised that you will find it as a destination for large excursion trips as well. Once in, the port is located just five minutes walking from the main area in town.

One Day in Katakolon

Ancient Greeks used to find their way to Olympia over the course of many days in order to get onto the grounds of the Olympic Games. With modern transportation, it would be a shame if you didn't spend a few hours visiting the ruins of athletic quadrangles, stadium, temples and sanctuaries. Once you've done that, a fabulous feature in Katakolon is the modern Archaeological Museum, showing nothing short of national treasures of the Archaic, Classical and Roman eras.

Port Information

One of the most important features of the port itself is the large water depth that makes it suitable for housing some of the world's largest cruise ships. It does not hurt that it is located less than an hour’s drive to the site of Ancient Olympia.
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