Corfu Cruise Port

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Situated at the edge of Corfu town, the new port takes on ferries from the Greek mainland, as well as from places like Venice and Ancona in Italy.
A popular destination for cruise liners, the port acts as the gateway to the phenomenal beaches, resorts, traditional historic architecture and olive tree-laden landscape of the west coast island of Corfu.

How to Get to Corfu

Getting to this Greek island town is only a hop and skip away for most international travelers flying in from Europe, with the island's convenient international airport and flights going between continental Europe and other major Greek destinations. Also, the more exciting way in - and more obvious - is through the port, with numerous comfortable and modern ferry services.

One Day in Corfu

Corfu has a number of exciting ways to spend the day. Among the most popular ways are on the beach, or to head in to the resorts for a proper pampering, but there is a lot more to do in this great town. Mosey on down to one of Corfu's many stone-lined shopping streets near to the Old Fortress, full of quaint places ranging from boutiques to cafes to specialty shops. Then there is the infrastructure itself, full of wonderfully kept Venetian period structures, including the fortress and surrounding bridge and old walls.

Port Information

Passenger services at the port are usually quite accommodating. With not much happening directly by the port, ships will offer you free shuttle into town just a few miles in, and once there you can decide to rent a car, find a taxi or just hang around the lovely duty-free shops.

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